VanVerre FlipFlip Bracelet Set of 12 Blue

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  • From trash to treasure, from junk to jewelery. The story of our Flip-flop bracelets is a beautiful one to tell: while the Bozo tribe has always lived off fishing, an extreme decline in the river’s fish population has severely threatened their livelihood. However, this same river brings them a new source of income, as the national footwear of Africa washes up on its banks. The fishing-tribe-women found this new way to feed their children, by collecting these treasured flip-flops, melting and twirling them into beautiful colourful pieces of jewellery. At this moment, a number of years later, the project is so successful that more than 80 families manage to live off this simple and magical transformation process. These 100% waterproof bracelets are perfect for a day at the beach or at the swimming pool, celebrating the summer!

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