Murphy and Daughters Candle

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  • These hand poured candles are made with a pure vegetable soy wax and use a cotton wick. Housed in a hand made, mouth blown bubble glass. Perfect for your own home or given as a gift!

    Cloudsteet- orange blossom, lemon, mandarin, mid - jasmine, green tea, honeysuckle, base - bergamot, pear & musk.

    Where the Wild Things Are-pepper & lemon, mid - waterlily & ylang ylang, tuberose & cedar wood, base - sandalwood & amber.

    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil-bergamot & blackcurrant, mid - pink grapefruit & green tea base - lily of the valley, rose & jasmine.

    Secret Garden-roses & geranium leaves, mid - violet leaf & lilac, base - tuberose & musk.

    Tender is the Night-orange Blossom, neroli & green tea, mid - tangerine & lily, base - tuberose & musk.

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